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- 遊びにきてね! -


- 知床八景 -

Eight Views of Shiretoko


First of all, please see the Shiretoko Goko Lakes.

- 見どころ -

Tourist Facilities and more...


- 知床旅のまめ知識 -

Facts about Shiretoko Travel


The 29th World Heritage Committee decides to list Shiretoko as a World Natural Heritage site...

- マイ知床プラン -

About My Shiretoko Plan


Help & Tips. This website can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet in the same way as on a computer.

- 知床ヒグマえさやり禁止 -

Please Do Not Feed The Animals


Please Do Not Feed The Animals

- 楽しむ・滞在する -

Enjoying Shiretoko Explore and Stay

But...Please go to the Japanese site for information on sightseeing boats, nature guides, accommodations, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

On the pages containing details of the various operators, you will see links to their websites. Some of the websites include information in other languages.